Barbara Beernaert on creating the perfect home for Twiggy


Barbara Beernaert seemed destined for a career in fashion, although it wasn’t the path she decided to follow at first. Her passion for all types of artistic disciplines reaches beyond just the latest trends. She’s the owner of Twiggy, a lovely store in Ghent selling women’s and men’s clothing, as well as interior objects.

“I admit I invest more time in interior design than fashion. I grew up with parents running a clothing firm and went to study art history afterwards. I love to immerse myself in aesthetics, whether they concern fashion, photography or graphic design. As presentation is extremely important to me, a lovely setting or interesting font can convey the artistic quality I’m looking for.”


The store Barbara’s parents founded was mainly focused on inspiring people and presenting their own collection. Therefore, aesthetics played a less important role than Barabara would have liked. Eventually, she took over the store and changed the concept slowly but surely. Making sure it would match her own style better, she renovated the store twice on its old location and moved it all together after fifteen years.

The new building could carry out her vision perfectly. “I’d describe my style as comfortable, yet edgy. To me, creativity is more important than a posh or expensive look. I love interesting colour combinations and I’ve noticed it appeals to me when different garments complement each other or the other way around: when just one special detail is added. I always try to take a timeless approach, may that be about my store or about dressing myself.”


“Our store interior is a platform, creating space for strong visual presentations. The reason that I appreciate the handbags of Lies Mertens, is because of their architectural and sober appearance. They make for a coherent visual image, which extends the vision I have for Twiggy.”

Barbara loves a timeless look, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. On the contrary: buying lots of new stuff doesn’t make her happy. She has a toned-down wardrobe, consisting of qualitative and sustainable garments. “Fabric quality is a priority for me. Not easy, as fabrics are often unpredictable: you have to wear and wash them first to discover whether they’ll survive the test of time. Being really happy with your purchase therefore only happens after a while, after you’ve made sure it’s a good investment.” 

Founded on such a strong vision, Twiggy is definitely a store worth the visit.
It’s open from 10h to 18h, except for Wednesdays and Sundays.