the coincidence of bumping into beautiful things, a visit to our production atelier


a visit to our Tunisian production atelier

For the first time since the brand started almost 5 years ago, part of our production is not made in Belgium, Portugal or Italy, but in Tunisia. 

Last year I started looking for a 2nd manufacturer, as our production is growing and the family business we work with in Italy is becoming too small. That search brought me to the Belgian company LSP, who has been producing leather goods for three generations. Since a few years, they moved their production to Tunisia and started a new atelier there with their know-how. As a Belgian company, LSP works according to European standards and with European materials. We are excited to know that our bags are in good hands, made in fair working conditions & produced by knowledgeable craftsmen.


Transparency about material use and production are of great importance to me, and the reason I travelled to Tunisia together with documentary & film makers studio Alfons Meyer to visit the atelier, meet the people, see their craft up close and explore the surroundings. I find it important to have direct contact with the people making our products. Everyone works in their own way and it is inspiring to visit those places and interact with the people at the studio.



Directed & produced by: Studio Alfons Meyer
Written by: Lies Mertens
Models: Anne Decot & Casper Fredeus
Photographer: Max Meyer & Marnik Alfons
Voice-over: Line-Téta Blémont
Music: Boogie Belgique, Ian Urbina

Special thanks to Vincent de Boeck, Stefaan Claerhout, Gaetane Claerhout, Chedlia, Karima, Anne Decot, Leni Vander Steene, Anne Bramer, Mauranne Geenen, Romy Brouwers, Oswald Cromheecke