meet Eline, the person behind our first laptop bag


Eline Ros has always worked as an independent entrepreneur and she wouldn’t want it any other way. “I’ve never had a permanent post. If you ask me, people with a good idea and the right mindset should just take the leap.” She took the leap herself with ROS, her concept and event company. She was also one of the first people who encouraged Lies to go for it.

“We met each other at Bar Left, a pop-up concept hosting a brunch for only twelve people. We hit it off almost immediately, both on a personal and professional level.” Not that strange, if you know they were following a similar path. “We got acquainted at the time we were both switching school for jobs. Lies was working hard on her portfolio as a graphic designer. I remember we were grabbing a coffee when she asked me if she should post her handbags on her website too. I immediately saw her work’s potential and spurred her to go for it.”

Eline loved handbags long before she ever got to know Lies. She loves items you can’t find anywhere else and she liked to shop vintage. “The only problem with vintage is that it wears off easily, and that’s exactly what happened with a camel-coloured bag I adored.”

Luckily, Lies provided a solution. She created a similar model, but added extra compartments and adjusted the stitching, which kept the straps in place better.

“That was really useful because the first bag used to slide off my arm all the time. I’m always rushing from meeting to meeting, which makes it important to have my laptop with me. The design from Lies made it much easier to carry it around.”


“I love minimalism. That’s why I was immediately convinced of the aesthetics of Lies Mertens. No unnecessary fringes nor labels, which is a typical look for a lot of other bag brands.” According to Eline, the bags match every outfit, something she proves herself by not only using her piece for professional purposes but to go out as well.

She started out with a handmade Eline and soon grew her collection with Enya and CMMC+ - all three with black grain motive. “I never use other bags anymore. They keep looking great, even after years of use. I have three bags containing the same elements and I’m still able to change up my look whenever I want.”


Eline wants to support her friend in reaching her goals, but has big plans herself, too. She dreams of opening up a place that inspires people. “I love Verbeke Foundation, a private museum in Kemzeke exhibiting tons of fantastic art. The building is located in the middle of nature. I would love to do something similar: creating a space with lots of flowers and art, welcoming everything and everyone, away from all the bustle.”

In any way, she’s surrounded by friends who are on the same track. Together, they’re a group of young and driven people, embracing intensifications in their career and going all-in - with an Eline on her shoulder, of course.