meet Manon, a classic woman oozing french elegance


Manon Barelli and Lies Mertens first met on a rooftop terrace. Shortly afterwards, they encountered each other again during the first event Lies organised to show her handbag collection to the general public.

Both women are known for their unique creations. Manon has her own eponymous jewellery line. “I’ve always had a weak spot for jewellery, especially big and bold ornaments.” She’s inspired by her French roots. Closing her eyes, she’s taken back to a Cannes from the eighties. A sultry summer atmosphere, parading on the Croisette promenade, palm trees and steaming hot tarmac.


Manon admires her grandmother. According to her, she’s the epitome of French elegance. “She has a talent for finding treasures on flea markets, which led to a wonderful jewellery collection. She’s always been effortlessly stylish. In my work, I try to embrace the same femininity and elegance.”

She doesn’t only love jewellery, but handbags as well. Her very first designer piece was a beautifully finished handbag she had longed to buy for a long time. “The detailing is amazing. Not only on the outside but on the inside as well - even though nobody except me gets to see the latter.” Lies was inspired by the design of Manon’s favourite piece and created a round handbag for her.

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Stakes were high, but Lies took Manon’s most cherished belongings into account to enhance the original design even more. “There’s room for two water bottles, two lipsticks and a sketch pad I always carry with me.” The version in burgundy red is even based on Manon’s favourite lipstick.

Manon is extremely happy with the design, which is tailored to her personality. “That personal approach is what makes Lies Mertens such a wonderful brand. Her handbags are beautiful, both on the inside and on the outside.”