"Finding a bag that combined practical functionalities with elegance was quite a challenge. This made me start designing one myself, with a focus on long-lasting materials and an eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Not driven by the traditional and fast paced fashion industry, I want to create timeless pieces that focus on both form and function, being able to stand the test of time."— Lies Mertens

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Crafted with care and thought through, from the materials we use to the partners we choose.

Stitched together by a curiousity for the world around us. Like the beauty of organic shapes found in nature, the curves and clean lines found in architecture, the energy and passion found in the people we meet.

They are designed with our planet’s best interest at heart. Because the mark we leave should be one with minimal impact.

Each bag is designed and developed in our Antwerp based atelier

People are the common thread

Behind every bag hides the story of someone fascinating. They inspire us, they become the model and their name becomes the name of the bag. The process from idea to design is shaped by the conversations we have, connecting their functional wants and needs to a design that fits our aesthetic.

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Material matters

"I'm always keeping the material in mind. Since founding the label, I've consistently been invested in researching durable, upcycled or innovative materials. For me, finding the right material is a crucial aspect of the design process.” — Lies Mertens

We select only European materials, handpicked for their quality, durability and authenticity. Each bag is constructed from sustainable materials, thoughtfully selected for their quality, traceability and long-lasting characteristics.

Leather sourced from experienced crafters

Leather is a long lasting material that has proven itself to stand the test of time. We only use leather being a by-product of the meat industry. We believe in leather as a natural material, evolving a beautiful patina over time.

The tanneries we work with are alle European and reuse water, limit waste and chemicals and optimise energy use. All our tanneries are certified by Leather Working Group, a global multi-stakeholder community committed to building a sustainable future with responsible leather.

We work with the following tanneries:

  • Richard Hoffmans GmbH & Co, Germany
  • Vitelco, the Netherlands
  • Rigato Romano, Italy
  • Soft Art, Germany

An overview of leather materials:

Royal nappa
Very soft type of leather on full grain calf, with a rich and waxy handfeel, semi-anilin finish, natural small millgrain. Royal Nappa is softer in terms of tannage and the hand touch is more waxy then Calfino
A soft nappa type of full grain leather on calf, with a nice handfeel and semi-anilin finish, natural small millgrain.
Full grain
A full grain leather with a pebble, it is a pre-embossed soft grainy leather
A full grain natural vacuum-dried aniline leather with a cloudy two-tone
Mousse is a full-grain, soft cow hide, naturally tumbled with dyed-through, semi-aniline oil, characterised by a uniform light grain over its entire surface.
Shiny black
A high shine pigmented bovine full grain leather, with a  special mill effect

Leatherlike material created by innovative thinkers

As the world aims to reduce meat production, available leather will reduce as well. This challenges us to experiment with sustainable, innovative alternatives. Materials with the same high standards we achieve, preferably starting from residual waste, just like leather.

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Crafted with care by our production ateliers

Each bag is crafted by hand, ensuring both quality and sustainability. We work in close collaboration with artisans, persuing the finest craftsmanship.

We maintain strong partnerships with two family-run production ateliers, located in Italy and Belgium/Tunisia.

Leaving our mark with minimal impact

We are very aware of the toll our industry takes on the planet. Making a bag from scratch takes energy and resources. Trying to do it with less impact is an investment that comes with a cost as well. But we're committed to do so anyway.

Leftover leather for accessories
Our accessories, including wallets, are crafted from high-quality leftover leather from our handbags. By using imperfect pieces for interior parts or accessoires, we ensure no material goes to waste. This sustainable approach not only reduces waste but also supports our commitment to eco-friendly, transparent fashion.
Closed-loop water system
minimising our environmental footprint
Together with our production partners, we invest in an energy-efficient, low-waste process featuring a closed-loop water system, which conserves water, reduces waste, and minimizes our environmental footprint.
At our headquarters or a trusted local leather atelier in Antwerp, we offer repair services to extend the life of your bags and accessories. Our commitment to sustainability and transparency drives us to ensure your items stay with you for as long as possible. 
Beyond the bag
Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond designing and creating our bags. Our team makes daily efforts to minimize our environmental footprint. We deliver repairs and packages by bike, use green transport for small commutes, and ensure our practices are as eco-friendly as possible.