lies mertens x mycanova®


Launching 20—04—2023

The first bag collection in Belgian upcycled mycelium, a next-gen vegan leather from the root-like system of mushrooms 

We're excited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lies Mertens with our most innovative project to date, launching 20-04-2023 online & in-store.

We are opening up our atelier the following Sunday, 23rd of April, so you can discover what our new collection is all about.

Our atelier will be turned into an exhibition space where you'll get a chance to talk to the designer and all the details behind this new innovative approach within the leather industry.

Soon more information and we are looking forward to meeting you.

 Details Exhibition Antwerp Atelier 

Sunday 23rd of April 
open all afternoon from 13h - 17h
Albert Grisarstraat 52 — 2018 Antwerpen 


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