A friendship story

A friendship story


For the autumn/winter 2023 collection, we worked together with Els, Jane and Sabine. A few months ago, they passed by in our Antwerp store. Els was one of the first buyers of the Lies bag. Impressed by their presence, sense of humour and intelligence, we asked them as the models for our campaign. To highlight Els' love for the Lies bag, the campaign image portrays the Lies and the Lies mini.

Els, Sabine and Jane have been passionate about fashion their entire lives. For the campaign, we exclusively worked with their clothing and respected their unique styles. These three women have been friends for years and share a beautiful history together.

The autumn/winter 2023 collection is presented in Patina, a guesthouse and gallery in Antwerp run by Lies Mertens.

Photographers: Jef Claes
MUAH: Carolien Wardenier
Styling: Styling by team Lies Mertens
Model: Jane, Els & Sabine