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The better you look after your handbag, the longer it will last. We happily share some tips on how to polish, clean and store your bag. Repeat this process every few months and your bag will stay in its best shape.


1. To prevent the leather from developing marks, we recommend avoiding exposure to abrasive and rough surfaces. For the lighter colours, we also recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as these dyes might transfer or make stains onto your handbag.

2. Remove mud and dirt with a clean, dry brush. Get a slightly damp cloth to buff the rest of any dirt left.

3. Polish your bag by applying a colourless leather conditioner on a clean soft cloth. Work across the bag in a circular motion.

4. Once dry, you can spray the bag with a water repellent leather protector to protect your handbag against water or rain marks.

5. If you aren’t using your bag for a longer period of time, make sure you store it clean and polished. Store your handbag in a dry space inside its dust bag and avoid hanging it by the strap to prevent a misshapen, dented form. Don’t store leather in plastic, as it likes to breathe.


Our bags are made to last and we always aim to encourage a longer use of our products. Signs of wear and tear such as a broken buckle or loose stitching can often be fixed. Don’t hesitate to stop by our store and drop off your bag for a wellness session.

You can choose to have your Lies Mertens bag repaired, or to hand it in for recycling in exchange for a voucher granting you 15% off your next purchase. All products for repair and recycling can be brought to our Antwerp store: Lies Mertens - Steenhouwersvest 6, 2000 Antwerp.


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