Meet Venetian Style, our Italian production atelier

Meet Venetian Style, our Italian production atelier


A look behind the scenes of our Italian production atelier

Almost since the start of the brand, we have been working together with Franco, the owner of our Italian production atelier. The atelier, Venetian Style was founded in 1997 by Franco Cesarotto in the province of Padua. With a deep sense of professional pride and love for his homeland, Franco named the company "Venetian Style". The brand's name is a tribute to the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans in Venice and the Veneto region.

During the production of our collection, we visited Franco and his team in their modern yet small family run production atelier. Every bag is handmade from quality Italian & German leathers. We design and develop everything in-house with the artisans, preserving traditional techniques and expertise passed down from one generation to another.

"Transparency about material use and production are of great importance to me. Visit the atelier, meet the people there, see their craft up close and explore the surroundings. I believe it is of great importance to have direct contact with the people that make our products in the atelier. Everyone works in their own way and it is inspiring to visit those places and interact with the people at the studio."

— Lies Mertens

The making of the Mauranne bag