Sarah Neutkens, always on the hunt for goosebumps


Sarah Neutkens is a Dutch composer, pianist, artist, writer and model. Contrary to what her young age, 22 years old, might suggest, she has already had the opportunity to work on many beautiful projects. Sarah runs a record label ‘Neutra Records’, writes for multiple newspapers and is an ambassador of Young Stedelijk at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Above all, she already published four records. Preferring her freedom in composing to observing rehearsed rules, Sarah didn’t study at the conservatoire.

largeWhat’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever received (and would like to give your younger self)? 

Never lose your inner child! Keep on playing, discovering, never colouring within the lines. Don’t grow up and always keep the ability to search for little bits of magic, beautiful coincidences. 

What does a better future look like to you? 

A better future would be a future of more acceptance and equality, a future in which we see the good in others and ourselves and trust each other, accepting everyone as they are. A future of freedom for everyone.

Where do you go to escape? 

I generally tend to escape within my head! Then, I start digging there, trying to create new music, new words, new artworks. So, I often escape in art. And if there’s a lack of inspiration, I love to take long walks. 


What are you looking forward to in the next few years? 

Learning how to live! Since the future is absolutely not given, it’s the biggest challenge to learn how to live your life whatever way it comes to you. 

What is a dream project or collaboration for you? 

To me, all collaborations are dream collaborations: there’s always something magical happening when you work together, whether it’s with a fashion designer, a visual artist, a director, an orchestra… I’d love to keep on looking for ways to collaborate and start projects in all creative fields. Always on the hunt for goosebumps!

What kind of bag person are you? The one that carries everything with her all the time, the one that eliminates the essentials,... 

I’m the ‘chuck it all in’ type: I always carry many books with me since I’m a big reader; I keep a notebook and music sheets with me to make sure I can write. I always write with Parker pens, so they’re essential, as well as mints, small lucky charms, a flask with tea or black coffee, sunglasses, perfume… I love practicality, but I’m also a sucker for beautiful things, so I tend to take those with me too, haha! 


What’s your favourite Lies Mertens bag? 

This is a tough one! I love the sophisticated character of LIEN and the fact that you can store so much in the bag, but since I’m also the ‘chuck it all in’ type, I also love HELEEN. I’d probably lose my keys under a pile of books all the time in the HELEEN bag, though.

What does your current playlist sound like? 

It sounds like summer! Finally! and I took the opportunity to curate my own Lies Mertens playlist: go ahead and listen to it here